Our goal is to make change in the way energy is produced and consumed leaving the legacy of a planet

which will sustain future generations.

Our products allow our clients to concentrate on their core business while we make that business

more efficient, sustainable and profitable as a result.

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At ETS we pride ourselves on our ability to harness real collaboration and leading edge technologies in delivering outcomes for our clients.

We design, manufacture supply and/or install complete systems and solutions: Everything from Combined Heat and Power, Waste Heat Recovery and Waste to Energy to Renewable Technologies.

Waste Water Heat Recovery: AWTA - Melbourne

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BiPV Solar Balcony Glass - Northcote, VIC

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Bulla Dairy Foods

Multi Award winning Cogeneration and steam system upgrade project.
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Scotch College - Thin Film BIPV

Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science Solar Glass Canopy.
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St Barbara Limited

Gwalia Deep Mine Cooling from waste heat recovery utilising absorption chilling.
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CQ Melbourne

Iconic building retrofit with the first privately funded Environmental Upgrade Agreement.
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Latrobe University - BIPV

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IKEA Canberra

Noise pollution control measures and standby power generator installation.
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At ETS we firmly believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to energy efficiency increases. These must be derived from close and careful study of the concerned facility with outcomes tailored precisely to customer requirements. From the outset we were therefore reluctant to become the agent for specific products.

Through our project experience however we have recognized exceptions to this rule. So, we have aligned ourselves with a small number of products on the basis that they are completely unique in the market place and/or the best of their kind in the world. Just as important, they are perfectly aligned with the goal of ETS as a company.

Waste to Energy

Which Technology is right for you? Talk to us and we will work with you to ensure the most effective and efficient outcome.
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Hanergy BIPV Solar

Hanergy develops Building Integrated Photo Voltaic products which produce clean free energy from the sun, while replacing standard building products in such things as skylights, atriums, facades, windows, walkways and curtain walls. Hanergy BIPV Solar Glass also provides thermal and acoustic insulation.
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Infinite-R™ Phase Change Material

Infinite R Phase Change Material (PCM) operates as an effective Thermal Battery storing heat energy and releasing to maintain constant temperatures and reduce the need for Heating and Air conditioning, lowering energy costs and improving comfort levels.
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Waste Water Heat Recovery Energy Systems

Unique and innovative wastewater treatment systems which allow for the environmentally friendly, energy efficient, trouble-free transfer of energy to and from the wastewater leaving almost any building or facility in the world. The ultimate source of renewable energy.
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Emissions treatment devices for use in the containment of a wide variety of harmful pollutants, keeping them from damaging our environment. Cost effective and reliable utilizing worlds best practice catalytic conversion technologies.
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Cain Industries

Specialist equipment for the capture and conversion, to useful energy, of waste heat. Cain Equipment reduces fuel costs and pollution and enables dramatic increases in overall system efficiencies when applied in combined heat and power and waste heat recovery systems.
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