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At ETS we are driven by the need to do things differently and help build a sustainable future for generations to come. Our quest to use alternative, sustainable solutions led us to an alliance with Canadian based firm IWS whose heat recovery technology is harnessing the ultimate energy source – waste water.

SHARC Energy Systems (an International Wastewater Systems company) allows for environmentally friendly, energy efficient, trouble-free transfer of energy to and from the wastewater leaving almost any building in the world. By capturing heat in waste water, the SHARC or PIRANHA system can offset the cost of gas by 30 – 85%.

The smaller PIRANHA unit also carries an Australian Certified watermark.

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The process is simple. Sewer water, which consists of everything we flush down the drain contains heat which is captured and reused.

Trouble Free

SHARC Energy Systems have been operating in multiple installations around the worlds for over four years. With hours of operational data in hand to refine the equipment for reliable operation.

Harnessing Waste

Studies have found that we flush 1/3rd of the world’s energy requirements down the drain on a daily basis. With SHARC Energy Systems that energy can be captured and harnessed.

Ultimate Renewable Energy

Waste water is always being produced. There is no intermittency in its availability. And the embodied energy it contains can be captured and reused infinitely.

Innovative and Award Winning Technology

Large waste water volumes require a SHARC which can be seen below. Smaller volumes are handled by the PIRANHA which was just awarded the ASHRAE Sustainable Product of the Year Award. Both systems are manufactured by ETS under license for supply to the Australasian market.

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Case Study

Find out more about how the SHARC has improved energy efficiency for our clients.
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