ETS retrofitted the CQ Function Centre and Citiclub Hotel and  in the heart of Melbourne. This retrofit was the first recipient of a privately funded Environmental Upgrade Agreement financed by the CEFC and the Eureka Fund. It was completed on time and on-budget and has been in full operation for over two years.

The retrofit comprised of installing secondary double glazing to the facade of the hotel levels, lighting control within the hotel common spaces and a combined heating, cooling and power system to service the entire building.

Drawing on its network of expertise, ETS tackled a series of logistical challenges. Removing older equipment and harmful asbestos, but saving what could be reused.

The combined heat/cooling power system comprises a 350kw natural gas fired generator, absorption chiller, and other associated equipment and was designed to utilize normally wasted heat to create heating for the building, or cooling depending on where the greatest efficiency and demand lay.

The building management system was also upgraded to incorporate the new system which supplies heating, or cooling depending on where the greatest efficiency can be achieved.

The annual saving created has ultimately been in excess of $100,000 dollars per year and up to 2,500 Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

ETS are continuing to work with the building owner and staff to improve the utilisation of the new systems. Recent negotiations with the utility as a result have increased savings by approximately 30%.