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At ETS we agree that fossil fuels have had their day and that it is time for new, clean technologies to move in. But the full transition to completely clean technologies is realistically many years away.

In the mean time we need to limit the impact fossil fuel driven technologies have on the environment. So we have become the CAIN Industries agent in Australasia to provide their innovative Combustion Exhaust Heat Transfer and Waste Heat Recovery Systems.

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Australian Compliance

At ETS we have taken the time to get Cain Industries Exhaust Gas Steam generators complied to AS/NZ standards. ETS owns the design registration of the equipment here, making installation and commissioning simple.


Cain Industries products are uniquely applicable in combined heat and power and waste heat recovery projects and can be used to drastically improve system efficiencies across a variety of sectors.

Increased Efficiency

If heat is being produced in order to generate electricity or to conduct manufacturing processes, why waste it to atmosphere when it can be captured, made into useful energy and used to increase efficiency?

Lowered Fuel Costs

Utilizing waste heat to produce such things as steam which would otherwise require its own fuel source to be produced, lowers net fuel costs.

Cain Waste Heat Recovery Systems

With over 38 years of experience in the manufacture of this unique equipment we are confident that if it is right for the application it will provide years of trouble free service.

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Case Study

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