At ETS we agree that fossil fuels have had their day and that it is time for new, clean technologies to move in. But the full transition to completely clean technologies is realistically many years away.

In the mean time we need to limit the impact fossil fuel driven technologies have on the environment. So we have joined with the Miratech Corporation to represent their leading products and emissions treatment technologies in Australia.

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Solution Driven

Containing and treating emissions requires an understanding of customer requirements and tailoring solutions to meet those requirements. Miratech emissions treatment systems are individually engineered to solve the emissions problems of any project.

Industry Leading

Years of experience in treating and containing emissions has resulted in Miratech solutions being industry leading meeting the strictest of requirements with patented technologies that are amongst the best in the world.

Complete Product Line

Miratech has a comprehensive product offering to effectively treat exhaust pollutants such as NOx, CO, VOC, Diesel Particulate, HAPs and Noise.

Cost Effective

Miratech Emissions treatment devices and solutions are competitively priced and because they are tailored to solve exact emission outputs only include the items necessary for the required results.

Miratech is all about Performance and Quality

Providing emissions treatment devices to our customers which are engineered to perform and have been proven world wide means that we know we can provide our customers with the right solutions to control emissions which will work, everytime.

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Case Study

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