Infinite R™: The #1 Phase Change Material for buildings and energy storage

With the most powerful energy storage capabilities of any phase change material per dollar invested, Infinite R™ offers more than just the capacity for greater comfort control, greater energy savings and greater resiliency. It offers a revolutionary solution that the building & energy industry has been looking for.

Energy Storage for Life!

Infinite R™ is a phase change building material that stores energy when you don’t need it, releasing it when you do.

How does PCM work?

Think of your home like a drink cooler… 

If you wanted to keep the temperature inside a cooler ideal for drinks, why would you use a heating and cooling system to do this when you could use ICE (aka Phase Change Material)? Yet this is exactly what we do with our buildings.

Infinite R™ is a building product that behaves as a Phase Change Material (PCM) designed to freeze and thaw at the exact temperature you want, to keep your living and working spaces closer to target temperature without the use of conventional energy sources.

When your home or space gets hot (from solar gain, occupants, cooking, partying etc), Infinite R™ absorbs unwanted heat as the material inside it’s cells begin to melt. Later when the temperatures get cooler, Infinite R™ releases that heat as it begins to freeze (at night) – all the while maintaining the space at a comfortable target temperature.

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