Rick’s background is in Mechanical Engineering. His career experience includes Technical Products, Emissions Treatment Systems, Commercial Hardware, Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive and Industrial Battery Technologies and Motorsport. His Passion: Innovation, Energy Efficiency and the Environment.

If it involves innovation, engineering and design conceptualising, Rick is almost certain to be active and involved.

With his years of practical experience in the field, Rick’s core skills lie in being able to think differently around scenarios before proposing potential solutions and articulating them in a fashion that makes sense to all parties on a project.

What this results in is a project and a process that is logical, practical and effective. Over the last 15 years Rick has used these skills to help deliver complex project outcomes embracing the latest in available technologies.

Through open dialogue with government agencies and consultation with all business sectors, Rick has also been a leader in the development and implementation of emerging emissions treatment technologies and catalyst systems for Australia and South East Asia.