ETS is a solutions provider in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability. We pride ourselves on our ability to harness real collaboration and leading edge technologies in delivering outcomes for our clients.

Our goal is to make change in the way people produce and consume energy such that the legacy we leave is a planet that will sustainably support the human race for future generations.

ETS designs, manufactures, supplies and/or installs complete systems and unique technology solutions: Combined Heat and Power, Waste Heat Recovery, Waste-to-energy as well as hybrid systems and renewable technologies.

We are also specialists in a complete range of emissions treatment devices and solutions.

Our product is to allow our clients to concentrate on their core business while we make that business more efficient, sustainable, kinder to the environment and profitable as a result.

At ETS we strive to embody the “Triple Bottom Line” in everything we do.

Our Team

Philip Mitchell

Philip (known to most simply as Mitch) has worked in client facing roles all his life. The first part of his working career gave him considerable experience in sales, business management, marketing and commerce. He now combines this with a thorough understanding of the electrical trade and construction industry to add genuine substance and commercial expertise to any project. While a qualified electrician and electrical inspector with a strong history in the trade, Mitch is also highly experienced in project and facilities management, energy efficiency and asset management. Driven by viability, economics and client-focused outcomes, his experience has seen him supervise the design and installation of Tri-generation and other energy efficient systems in the U.S. and Australia. By necessity he has become a specialist in Utility negotiations and interface requirements and in the past 8 years he has project managed large electrical installations and energy efficient system installations in the ACT, Queensland NSW and Victoria including airports, commercial and retail developments, government institutions, industrial and critical power facilities.
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Rick Edwards

Rick's background is in Mechanical Engineering. His career experience includes Technical Products, Emissions Treatment Systems, Commercial Hardware, Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive and Industrial Battery Technologies and Motorsport. His Passion: Innovation, Energy Efficiency and the Environment. If it involves innovation, engineering and design conceptualising, Rick is almost certain to be active and involved. With his years of practical experience in the field, Rick's core skills lie in being able to think differently around scenarios before proposing potential solutions and articulating them in a fashion that makes sense to all parties on a project. What this results in is a project and a process that is logical, practical and effective. Over the last 15 years Rick has used these skills to help deliver complex project outcomes embracing the latest in available technologies. Through open dialogue with government agencies and consultation with all business sectors, Rick has also been a leader in the development and implementation of emerging emissions treatment technologies and catalyst systems for Australia and South East Asia.
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Andy Denton

Andy migrated from the UK to Melbourne in 2008 and brought with him over 12 years’ experience in the Coatings Industry where he developed an interest in the technical side of the products across both the domestic and industrial sectors. His ability to understand the needs of his clients has been the platform for his development into customer based roles and when arriving in Australia he took on the Specification market with a position at a leading global coatings manufacturer to successfully develop the brand into both new, and existing commercial projects. Andy’s expertise in client and product development led to a transition to the filtered water industry which gave him the product variation and the technical challenge he was looking for. After successfully overcoming the challenges of introducing technical products into a retail distribution channel, Andy’s relationship skills resulted in substantial increases in sales, and he became well known to his varied clients through his diligent and reliable support. After a chance meeting with Rick Edwards, Andy was asked to join ETS in January 2014 to utilise his client building skills to develop a wider technical product range. He shares our passion for energy efficiency and continues to gain the necessary traction required for consistent growth in new technologies like ONYX, PCM and SHARC on behalf of ETS.
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