Scotch College is one of the premier schools in the country. Its new Science Centre is designed to equip students with leading edge skills and knowledge in a variety of conversational learning spaces. ETS is proud to be an integral part of the future education of students in leading edge sustainable technology.

After learning of ETS’ BIPV Solar Glass product, Cox Architects immediately saw the opportunity to specify the building with a material which would be a permanent educational tool for the College.

The teaching space on the roof of the new Science Centre presented Cox with an ideal area to integrate thin film technology to provide shelter for the students whilst generating power through the glass roof. The BIPV glass contains an Amorphous silicon (a-Si) cell which generates energy from “radiant” light, meaning continuous production even in cloudy or shaded conditions.

The Amorphous cell provides around 95% resistance to heat gain, maintaining a more comfortable environment below the roof whilst still allowing 20% natural light penetration. The system will have a 4.32kW output and will be monitored through a display on the inverter which also links to the College network. Students will be able to measure the output from the roof across all seasons to record and compare how BIPV Solar glass produces energy in different conditions.

ETS has worked closely with Cox and the build team to ensure the system meets both educational and comfort requirements for this unique installation.

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