ETS has installed its first Crystalline BIPV system.

In conjunction with Stoddart Infrastructure, the recently constructed two x 51 metre bus shelters protect students and visitors from the elements whilst incorporating crystalline roof panels – 1700 x 1000mm in size. The laminated glass is also able to handle maintenance traffic and comply with industry specification requirements.

In total, the system generates 28kW of free electricity to the network and was designed to give the University the option to use battery storage in the future. Primarily, the purpose of the integrated roof structure was an innovative way to educate students in solar energy generation whilst performing a dual function as part of the bus terminus structure. Data from the system will be displayed via an app that wirelessly connects to the micro-inverters located on each panel, allowing the University to monitor the energy production.

Environmental Technology Solutions supplied, installed and connected the BIPV panels including full electrical design and commissioning. Latrobe was the first of several BIPV projects in Melbourne – the first of their kind in Australia.

Since the design of these two projects, ETS has seen a further increase in BIPV inquiries from the education sector and also hospitality and residential projects which are proposing curtain wall and balcony/balustrade PV facades. We look forward to a very interesting future for BiPV with our first Residential application in Northcote, Victoria.


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