ETS were engaged to install our Infinite R Phase Change Material to a new residential building in the Melbourne Bayside area.

Our PCM can be set to various temperatures during manufacture and the excess Heat or Cooling energy in a room (which can come from body heat, solar gain, lighting, equipment, cooking and other methods) is extracted and held in the PCM and then released to maintain a constant room temperature, reducing air conditioning and heating requirements when the heat sources are removed later in the day or overnight.

The building owners were very knowledgeable in regards to energy efficiency matters and had designed a high quality building to deliver comfort and class requiring little maintenance and minimising future energy costs. The decision to select our PCM was well researched and has delivered exceptional results.

“I just wanted to say thank you to your team for installing Phase Change Materials in our house. Our house is demonstrating excellent operations, particularly on really hot days, as the PCM works even better.

Our 2 story 4 bedroom house was carefully designed to minimise energy use through double glazing, window orientations and conventional insulation. We have a small Solar electricity unit (2.8 kW) and a 1.2 kW split system upstairs. We turn the air-conditioner on during hot days to use the energy off the roof to store in the PCM. We also have electric hot water and an induction stove. There is no gas connection at our house.

The great news is that despite many days over 38C our electricity bill has been about $1.20 per day and slightly more at about $1.25 per day for the connection fees. AGL tell us that our family of 5 has the energy usage of about half a person per day.

This is a fabulous result.

The PCM is like having a battery in the walls just re-using the energy that comes from our solar electricity. Brilliant!

Thank you”